Flower of the Heart Harmony Card® Family Pack of 4

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At Flower of the Heart, we know you want to be the healthiest version of yourself and the harmony card is a powerful tool that can help you harmonize your energy. 

The problem is that humans are exposed to large amounts of natural and non-natural, man made Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) radiation every day. Some have harmonic properties and some have disharmonic properties. Because our body consists of more than 90% water, the water inside our body literally vibrates with these various frequencies. The EMFs that vibrate with disharmonic properties can create the very same disharmony within the body.

Our Flower of the Heart Harmony Card® has been specifically developed to reduce the negative effects of disharmonic frequencies. Infused with the Quantum energy of the Golden Sphere and Heart Merkaba energy makes it a one of a kind product in the world that helps you achieve the balance you need for a happy and healthy life.

Balanced Energy. Better You.


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    Additional: the metal strips potentially need a redesign

    Posted by Paul McMahon on Jul 19th 2020

    In addition to my other comments which remain unchanged, after a week or so of testing, there has transpired a new factor which needs addressing:

    I believe the metal strips on the long edges of the cards are made of high carbon steel or similar. After holding them as per the instruction manual, you get a residue effect which you can smell on your hands as a strong metallic smell through use. Whilst this can be easily remedied by washing your hands afterwards this problem can, I suggest, be avoided by the use of some kind stainless steel, chrome or other suitable conductive encasement instead to prevent this metallic effect from affecting a user's fingers.

    Given the likely use of such cards in therapeutic settings or similar, I would wager this effect would not be desirable in the user, and it would be an impediment that would affect the enjoyment of using the cards.

    A such, I suggest a redesign of the contact areas to solve the finger contamination issue would improve the use of the cards. All the best.